Volunteer Shirt Program



The Challenge

Our client, who is one of the big four auditors, regularly volunteers at events—big and small—for numerous nonprofit organizations. What better way to represent your company than with volunteer shirts? Of course, buying in bulk is the most cost-effective way, but when there is a myriad of volunteers working various events for multiple nonprofits throughout the calendar year, it can be difficult to approximate the correct quantity of shirts needed for each situation.

That is when our client looked to us to come up with an efficient, budget-friendly way to incorporate both their brand and partnerships.

The Solution

To offer shirts with varying logos would require multiple set up and imprint charges—not to mention the possibility of over ordering shirts for one event or under ordering for another.

Fortunately, Artcraft had a few solutions to alleviate the costs and concerns of a challenge such as this.

Since a majority of the imprints on each shirt are the same for all volunteer services, we pre-print 75% of the tee—full front, full back, and right sleeve. Doing so allows us to buy and decorate in bulk, therefore decreasing the price per shirt. With our ample warehouse space, these shirts are stored in inventory and shipped out as orders are placed.

The remainder of the tee is then made to order according to each volunteer event. This is made possible through our various in-house production services such as digital, silkscreen, and transfer printing. When placing an order on the customized website (developed by Artcraft). It is then decorated based on the logo selected—allowing our customers to order as little as one shirt.

The Result

This program is not only a money saving approach, it also saves time. Typically when ordering custom apparel, it takes 5-7 business days to produce and ship out. With our client’s program, orders ship out within 48 hours, just in time for their next volunteer event.