Custom Baby Bag



The Challenge

One of our clients—a reputable pharmaceutical company—was searching for a custom baby bag. The caveat being each bag must cost less than $5 and still outshine the competition. Each bag was to hold two 8 oz. sample cans of formula, an ice pack, and educational literature.

When given the option to choose between baby bags, the most fashion-forward bag will more than likely be chosen—despite what is inside the bag. Knowing their bag was not up to par, our client felt this gave them a disadvantage. That is when they came to us for a solution.

The Brainstorm

To tackle a challenge such as this, we organized a focus group with the objective of finding the best qualities in a baby bag. We identified some key characteristics to create the perfect bag with our 50-member group consisting of both men and women of all ages and parents in various stages of experience.

The results of our meeting determined that the bag should—

  • be gender neutral, yet fashion-forward

  • be wider than tall, preventing the need to dig for items

  • have multiple pockets for organization

  • have handles as well as a hands-free option via adjustable shoulder strap

The Contest

From this brainstorm came the internal design challenge. We had a contest amongst the 20 designers and graphic artists on staff to create their best designs. Once we filtered the designs to the top 8, we presented them to our client. Our client chose 3, which we then created prototypes for.

The Roadblock

A new challenge hit. Our client’s budget dropped from $5 a bag to $3 a bag. How can we get within our client’s budget without compromising the design integrity or quality?

We observed the bag and determined minor changes to help decrease the price—

  • Instead of the front pocket unzipping fully, we altered it to only partially open—decreasing the expense

  • Removing the handles and offering an adjustable shoulder strap brought the price down a bit

  • Altering the liner within the bag and changing the insulated material to a slightly less expensive material helped reduce the cost

The Result

After making a few adjustments to the bag, we were still able to maintain the design and overall functionality, bringing the cost down to $2.96 a piece with the first shipment of one million custom bags delivering July 2018.