Pet Tag Program



If you didn’t know already, we have a handful of in-house production programs. One in particular that we’d like to share with you is the pet recovery program. The program is for our client who owns a branch within the animal health field. This branch runs a pet microchipping program—helping to bring home missing furry family members.

Our program complements their program very nicely. To add a personal touch and an additional solution for missing pets, we provide pet tags for those who have been microchipped. On the front of the tag, we customize the engraving according to the customer’s desires. On the back of the tag, we engrave the pet’s microchip number and the service desk number to allow anyone to call in for assistance should they find a wandering furry friend.

We offer 16 styles of customizable tags that vary in shape, color, size, and material. When we receive the orders, we immediately get to work. To ensure pristine quality, our engraving machines are set at a safe and steady pace to produce over 125 tags an hour and on average, 1,000 tags per day.

Each tag is thoroughly checked for accuracy and quality, packaged up, and sent to pets all over the country.