Pop Up Shop




Our client runs a show two times per year. As a national hardware retailer, they have privately owned stores throughout the country—all in need of company equipment and swag. At these events, our client invites all 5,000 stores to attend.

So where do we come into play other than attending shows all across the country including Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Orlando, and Las Vegas?

Here’s what we do—

The shows give us an opportunity to set up a booth and connect with the owners and managers of each store. Our pop up shop provides over 3,500 pieces of branded apparel including polos, dress shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats. This provides our clients with the opportunity to scope out and purchase new, upcoming trends in employee uniforms and hard goods.

We also take this opportunity to hear feedback, ideas, and visions owners and managers may have for the future of their programs—produced and run by us.

Since we brought it up, we’ve developed and continue to maintain our client’s custom online store. The web store allows owners and managers to remotely purchase branded goods for their stores. With our client’s nationwide distribution centers, uniforms and branded materials are kept in inventory and shipped out as orders come through—saving time and money.