Todd Zimmermann

Partner, Senior Account Manager


Raised in the industry, Todd is passionate about helping his clients’ marketing campaigns stand out from the pack. Is the promotional idea Creative, Current and Memorable? If not, it’s back to the drawing board, as every promotional item, campaign and program should extend your brand in a meaningful way. Todd uses his degrees in Economics and Finance to push for high ROI on every client investment in branding, and loves working with Artcraft’s in-house Software Team to develop Apps and websites to help streamline client programs. A self-avowed ‘nerd’, Todd and his family balance out their nerdiness with a strong commitment to community service and a near-obsession with playing and/or cheering for almost every sport on Earth. If it’s the weekend and they’re not on a ball field, you can probably find them cheering for William & Mary or UNC in basketball, football or the sport du jour. (They’d probably cheer for tiddlywinks if one of their parents’ alma maters—or Steph Curry--were playing!)