Judith Zimmermann

President & CEO


Judy is a polished, approachable and down to earth leader whose rolled-up sleeve approach makes Artcraft a model for excellent client service and effective promotional strategy. Her commitment to best business practices for branding and product selection ensures that our clients remain true to their company vision, mission and brand objectives throughout the process. The end result? What the client orders is what we deliver and is exactly what they need to build their brands.

Judy is a Registered Nurse in her first career, with a degree in Health Education. Her expertise in health and extensive knowledge of effective educational methods make her an indispensable team leader for our clients with healthcare and wellness products and service. Next, she sold (primarily) to the healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries and became first VP of Artcraft and in 1998 President.

In 2010, Judy was one of fourteen exemplary women to receive the premier award for excellence among Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), bestowed by the National Council at its annual Summit and Salute. This award is recognition for those women who lead successful businesses through strategic vision, business acumen and sheer dedication to their clients to propel the economy forward.

Judy volunteers with the regional WBE and in community groups. She is an advocate for education, serves on the board of an inner city high school for girls and enjoys spending time with her family, boating, swimming, hiking, crafts and hanging out with her high school sweetheart, Harold, their four sons, and “our next generation”, all 10 of them!