Joanne Watson

Sr. Promotional Advisor


Tchotchkes! No, that’s not how Joanne sees the promos you hand out every day to customers and potential new clients. With her strong background of 20+ years in marketing & advertising, she views the use of promos as an integral part of building brand awareness and growing your business. From her first job at Ogilvy, an advertising agency in NY, she learned that ‘advertising that sells best is advertising that builds a brand’. In order to do that she takes the time to listen & learn about her clients company and their marketing objectives so she can come up with creative promos that fit their initiatives.

“The more I know about the client, the easier the process gets to come up with fresh ideas. I try to make the project easy for them by expediting the process from start to finish. We present power point ideas, engage our art department to do mock-ups, provide product samples and of course ensure delivery when they need it. Ultimately the goal is to grow their business”.

One area of expertise she is proud of is her knowledge of products Made in the USA. “I always try to include an American made product with my ideas. When you buy USA made products, you make the country better in so many ways.”