Materials System



The Problem

Our client’s promotional products and collateral materials were stored and managed by their marketing department. This process of theirs had no coordinated system to manage the ordering and distributing of branded items and print materials to the sales force of 200 representatives. The lack of a consistent structured program resulted in many complaints from the sales force, including—

  • Length of delivery time after placing an order
  • No order tracking information
  • Receiving incorrect items
  • Depleted stock on key items
  • Outdated product selections
  • No inventory tracking system
  • Difficulty tracking spending and budgets
  • Inconsistent cost center coding
  • Double bookings on trade show booths
  • Trade show booths parts missing upon arrival

The manual system of managing sales tools and collateral materials was costing our client—both from a financial standpoint and a marketing standpoint.

The Solution

After identifying the problems and with the input of our client, we were able to create an online branded item and collateral materials management system. Our system allows sales representatives to go on our client’s custom-made web store and order branded items and/or collateral materials.

With this web store, we’ve developed—

  • A budgeting module, allowing each sales representative to see how much they have spent and how much they have left
  • A cost center where each sales representative is entered into the system, driving the market costs to the correct departments
  • An administration module, allowing the marketing manager to control individual user access to various parts of the web site—also allowing us to put all of the offerings in one location but limiting who can order what
  • Real-time inventory, to ensure that stock depletion is virtually eliminated

From fashion-forward apparel to popular technology, our client can find it all on their custom-made web store. We make it a priority to offer our client the latest hard good products and apparel options throughout the seasons—creating an up-to-date and trendy website.